When Is A Good Time To Approach A Debt Consolidation Services Non Profit Company?

May 7, 2009 by  
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When credit is readily on offer it is very difficult not to accept it when times as tough. Many credit card companies will give credit even to those with a dark history of bad debts and those who earn very little. The main concern is that they will be paid back and then some, making the offer a very profitable one.

However, for those left with huge monthly payments and astronomical interest rates, payments can become unaffordable and any little extra cash available from every day costs are eaten up by the interest and not even touching the overall balance.

What happens then? Well, then is a good time to approach a debt consolidation agency and preferably a Debt Consolidation Services Non Profit Company for help to gather all the debts in one place, creating one affordable monthly payment. Why? Because this type of agency will not profit from your struggles and include large fees for the service.

Following are a list of reasons why a non profit debt consolidation service can be an extremely advisable, practical and relatively simple method to help pay off your debt

1. Your one monthly payment is calculated on what you can realistically afford with the debt consolidation agency distributing the payment on your behalf to the creditors.

2. The debt consolidation agency credit counsellors will use their professional relationship with the creditors to reduce your interest rates and where possible eliminating previous over-limit and late payment fees.

3. There will be a consolidation fee that you must pay, you will be notified of this prior to setting up payments with the option to go ahead or not. However, this fee will more than pay for itself due to your debts being significantly reduced.

4. You can live comfortably and stress free in the knowledge that your debts are taken care of with payments you can actually afford.

5. The endless phone calls and demands for payment will stop, allowing you to stop worrying about what action will be taken.

6. You can start to plan a future that is not tainted with debt.

The afore-mentioned fee that you will have to pay to the debt consolidation services non profit agency will cover the administration costs for liaising with the creditors to reduce your debts.

Before deciding on a non profit debt consolidation service, do a little background check to make sure that they have a good history of professional, high quality service. Some companies have a more fully comprehensive service offering advice for customers on how to live debt free and personal budgeting advice. Find a company that will work to help get you out of debt and keep you there.