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Reduce Your Credit Card Payments by 50%

Kevin Trudeau published a book called ‘Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About’ in May 2008. This book claims to blow off the lid of the financial industry and is a follow-up to his book published the year before entitled ‘Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About’. This book focused on the industry of pharmaceuticals and dealt with how medical practitioners covered up the truth on basic simple natural treatments for conditions that could be just as effective as prescription drugs, yet the medical establishment still pushes us to depend on pharmaceutical company products.

‘Debt Cures’ goes through a similar pattern, with claims that financial institutions such as banks are conspiring to push the population deeper into debt, in order to make money with our interest.

This is an interesting concept for people in debt because it takes away the blame from their shoulders and puts it on the debt loan and credit card companies instead. It says that it is not your fault you are in debt, but that you were forced into this debt. Or, at least, that is the argument that Kevin Trudeau makes.

People tend to grow up with the belief that debt is normal, natural, and even wise. And it may be, in some cases, such as mortgage. Parents and grandparents may have let our warnings of living within certain means, but they never suggest mortgage once you got into debt, did they?

Mortgage is quite a good financial proposition for a lot of people since it works out to be much cheaper than rent payments in the beginning and the end of owning a house. If you have the salary, there isn’t really much to think about in the matter.

The thing is that a lot of people do not see the difference in loaning money to pay for an asset that will eventually add more value, such as a business or a house and getting credit for objects that will never be worth what we initially shelled out for them, such as furniture, cars, and other things we charge to our credit cards.

Once you are in debt, banks will keep shelling out so many debt loans and cards that it will be quite impossible to pay for them. Then, they hit you with more debt loans and before you know it, your cards have ceased to work. Without debt loans and cards, the credit score system ensures that every finance company knows that you are in a bad position and the conspiracy comes into play.

In the long run, it doesn’t really matter who’s at fault. Once we are in debt, no one will be able to get us out of it, unless we have the money to pay for their important advice.

‘Debt Cures’ may come of as repetitive sometimes, but it does hold quite a few ideas on credit card debt reduction and even getting rid of debt completely. Various free internet websites exist relating specifically to debt reduction. Not all of the things that Kevin Trudeau mentions can work for every debt situation, but there are some useful tips in dealing with various kinds of debt.

There are a lot of comprehensive debt management books available in the market, but this particular one is easy to read and is ideal for people who don’t know where or how to begin. If you haven’t even started dealing with your debts, ‘Debt Cures’ by Kevin Trudeau will shed some light on how to help you save more than just purchase prices.