The Review of Debt Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About’

July 28, 2009 by  
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You may have heard about the book “Debt Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About’. This book by Kevin Trudeau, follows his last book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” which was an expose of the medical drugs industry. It was believed that they, along with medical practitioners were omitting to inform the public that many of the medicines people “needed” could be swapped for natural treatments that would be just as effective. This placing people at the mercy of the medical drugs industry where money is made out of it.

This new book has a similar slant but this time exposing a possibility of the credit card industry and banks to be conspiring to drown the spending public in a sea of debt where they will profit from the massive sums of interest.

Nobody wants to believe that they are entirely to blame for their existing debt problem. This book opens up the concept that the finance industry are to blame for the current sweeping debts and that individuals could not help the situation.

As time goes by, it is very much the norm to be in debt. Anyone that does not own a credit card is “weird”. Credit cards are universally accepted making purchases anywhere in the word extremely easy and seemingly affordable. Borrowing money is a good thing isn’t it? We are all encouraged to take out a mortgage as soon as we can to get onto our first step of the property ladder.

Getting a mortgage is an investment, such an asset (usually) will only appreciate in price, therefore rendering it a profitable credit transaction. However, most of the items purchased with a credit card are small luxuries everyday with the odd car thrown in for good measure, hiking the balance up and up.

At first the credit card companies and other financial institutions are only too happy to increase your limit for you. They want to. Then you can go out and spend more and pay more interest on your ever increasing balance. However, when you can’t pay the astronomical monthly payments anymore, you are considered a risk and are blacklisted, ejected from the world of credit and your name becomes mud. According to Kevin Trudeau, this is the result of the conspiracy,

The book Debt Cures, homes in the point a bit but is encouraging for getting rid of those nasty debts or at the very least reducing them with a debt management plan.

Included are excellent resources for free reports on reducing various kinds of debt problem and in varying situations.

Although there are many books on debt management available “Debt Cures” is unique in it’s ability to talk straight to the reader and is easy to comprehend, no financial jargon. It is a must have for those who feel swamped by debts with no way out. If you need a rescue boat from your current situation, this book might be your ticket to safe shores.