Help with Foreclosure – Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your Home!

Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

Many homeowners are expressing growing concern about unaffordable payments in their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). They are receiving default letters from the bank, demanding payments that require choosing between vital everyday expenses and keeping their home. If you find yourself in the middle of bank foreclosure proceedings, there are a few steps you can take to help avoid it.

First, realize your situation is not hopeless, and there are options available to help stop foreclosure. Whether you have been laid off, are unemployed for some other reason, or find yourself in the midst of a drastically increasing mortgage payment, maintain you composure as much as possible – and take action.

Talk to Your Lender

Whatever you do, do NOT avoid your lender. Although the phone calls and letters may seem scary, failing to communicate your current situation will negate any chances you have for negotiating terms to become current on your mortgage and making it more affordable.

With the new stimulus plans recently passed by Congress, there are plenty of options for troubled homeowners facing foreclosures. You must remember that your mortgage lender doesn’t want you to lose your home; this is a costly and labor-intensive process for them. It is far better for them to work with you, and the new legislation actually offers them financial incentives for them to do so.

Effects of Foreclosure

Also remember that if a foreclosure is ever included on your credit rating and report that it will affect your entire life and borrowing ability for several years. It’s extremely difficult to remedy this information and build a positive credit rating after being struck with a judgment such as this.

Keep Your End of The Bargain

Continue to maintain contact with your lender, letting them know how and when your situation changes. Even though they can help to change your terms and continue on with life temporarily, it is in your best interest to eventually come completely current on your loans to avoid outlaying ridiculous sums in interest over the next several years.

Find Your Records

You should also go through all of your old files in search of your original loan documentation. Read through all fine print and make sure you understand exactly what your loan terms are, and how they will affect you during a time you are unable to afford the entire payment.

Get Rid of Your Escrow Account

If you have an escrow account that is included in your monthly mortgage payment, tell your lender to cancel it. Any balance will be forwarded to you, or can be applied toward your loan payment. Doing this will mean that you will need to pay your tax and insurance bills on your own, but will temporarily lower your cost to live in your home.

However, do not do this if you expect your financial situation is more than just temporary. If you can’t afford to pay your taxes or insurance, this can lead to a tax foreclosure filed by the state.

Finally, call your local government offices and ensure you are receiving all tax exemptions that your home qualifies for. This can greatly reduce your costs as well, simply by remaining informed and taking advantage of all the tools available to you.

You can stop foreclosure sale and get home foreclosure help which will help you to keep your home.

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