Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance–Protect Your Boat against Uncertainties

Ensuring that your boat is fully protected before it leaves the dock or even before getting it off the trailer is every boat owner’s concern. You’ll never know when something bad will happen. Boat insurance could spell a big difference.

There are various boat and watercraft insurance that protects one’s interest from accidents, vandalism, or liability. Even optional coverage can be purchased for personal properties and fishing equipments to protect them from unsecured boaters. There are also various websites that can help you get accurate online insurance quotes for that smooth sailing boat ride.

Having a boat insurance helps you leave your worries behind. The coverage of boat insurance may vary but they generally cover damage occurring in the different parts of the boat. Boat insurance varies according to the type of the boat or watercraft. The policy will explain and enumerate what are covered by the insurance and what are not. The most common parts of the boats and perils covered by boat insurance are enumerated below.

Parts of the Boat Covered:
• Hull
• Sails
• Machinery
• Furnishings
• Equipments usually used on board

Perils Covered:
• Vandalism
• Malicious Mischief
• Damage from Collision
• Damage from Sinking

Aside from the above-mentioned parts and perils, equally important to note is your insurance against liability losses. Damages that your boat may cause to other boats or docks as well as for bodily injuries or death due to negligent operation are also covered by liability coverage. Often, boat policies would even insure boat trailers against loss or damage due to external causes.

Some boat insurance policies also provide compensation liability to employees working on the boat, except crew members, for injuries sustained. Other employees covered are mechanics, painters, carpenters, and cleaners. The most important consideration to think of is that they are your employees and not of the boatyard.

Among the different types of boats that can be insured with boat insurance are bow riders, center consoles, cuddy cabins, walk around, ski boats, pontoons, jet boats, personal watercrafts, sailboats, bass boats, and other fishing boats.

Nowadays, more and more insurance companies try to cater to you and your boat’s unique needs. Thus, boat insurance policies are now tailor-cut to suit your needs and style. Examples of extended boat insurance policies include medical payments and physical damages. When accidents hurt you or someone in your household, you would definitely find your hands full with medical expenses that come thereafter. Thus, it is definitely wise to insure yourself and your passengers. Water-skiers pulled by the boat can also be covered. In fact, even if you or any of your passengers swimming get injured by another nearby boat, you can be covered for medical payments. The limits for this coverage all depends on your own choice.

Another optional boat insurance policy is that of physical damages. This type of optional coverage protects your boat when storing, hauling, or launching it. Damage by wind, lightning, hail, explosion, or fire can also be covered. Emergency service, wreck removal, and boat equipment are likewise included.

Having a boat is a luxury and therefore, it must be preserved as such. Getting insurance for your boat is the perfect way to do this so that you don’t shell out so much during unexpected times of damage and disaster.

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