Short Term Health Insurance: The Benefits

March 12, 2009 by  
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Short term health insurance, some people may be turned off by this kind of insurance given the limited coverage that it offers. This kind of insurance would usually cover about 30 days to a year of limited medical coverage. For insurance hunters who have long term in mind, then you could just throw this option out the window. But for people who are in unique situations, short term health insurance may be the perfect answer to their need for medical coverage for a certain period of time.

Different types of insurance were created to fit people’s different lifestyles and medical conditions. For people with pre-existing medical conditions, for people with families and dependents, for students, you name it, there is a specific insurance that are made to specifically meet their medical coverage needs. So read on and see if you are one of those people who are eligible for a short term health insurance and see if it will fit your situation best.

• For the temporarily unemployed
If you have just recently quit your job, then naturally, you will no longer be part of the medical insurance that your company offers. And if you do get a new job but your new medical insurance won’t work just until a few months or so, then a short term health insurance would be the best option to give you the adequate medical coverage during this gap.

• For teens who have just moved out of their parent’s houses
Spreading your wings and finally getting that independence that you have been waiting for is not an excuse to be lax when it comes to medical insurance. As you move out of your parent’s house, this means that you are also removing yourself from your parent’s health insurance coverage. This simply means, you are on your own. So if you want to have a temporary medical insurance to fall back on, just until you find yourself a job, then a short term health insurance would be perfect for you.

• For people who have not decided what kind of insurance plan to get, YET
Some people will take quite some time to choose what kind of insurance plan they want to purchase. After all, once you make a choice, it would mean a lifetime of being under the coverage of that plan so it would be just right for people to take their time in deciding. So for people who still want to have medical insurance for this time period, then getting a short term medical insurance would be the answer. Temporary medical insurance usually will cover up to 1 to 12 months of medical benefits and once you enroll, coverage could start as early as the next day.

• For students that are transferring to another school
Generally, it is standard procedure for universities to offer student health insurance. But if you are transferring from one school to another and still want to fill that gap with insurance coverage just until you get enrolled into your new school, the answer for this would be short term health insurance.

If you find yourself eligible for a short term health insurance and actually need it, don’t hesitate to go to your nearest insurance company to ask a quote for their short term medical insurance.