The ABC’s of College Health Insurance

March 15, 2009 by  
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Student health insurance is of the most overlooked part in a college student’s set of priorities. As a student, our academics alone will take almost all of our time. Because of this, student health insurance is often disregarded and its importance undervalued.

But come to think of it, as we go to school, aside from the money for tuition fees, one of the most important investments that we should cater to is our health. When we are healthy, we can focus more on our studies and therefore, perform better in school. Universities nowadays recognize the importance of good health to a student’s life that offering college health insurance to students has become a standard procedure during enrollment. They offer students insurance as part of the over-all tuition fee. For students who already have their own personal health insurance, what they need to do is present legal documentation of the insurance to remove the additional health insurance charge in your school fees.

Universities usually offer health insurance based on the facilities that they have available inside the campus, and some also makes use of other health facilities near the university’s vicinity. One benefit of using your very own health insurance aside from the health facilities offered by the school is that it allows you to make use of health facilities and services outside the campus. Either way, students are ensured that whatever the college health insurance offers, they are able to give the appropriate health services once a student needs it. Student health insurance would usually cover the usual vaccinations, doctor’s consultation and routine check-ups. If ever you wish to purchase your own health insurance instead and forgo the one that was offered by the university, make sure that the requirements offered by the insurance meets the one offered by the school. If not, you will automatically be enrolled in the college’s health insurance and you will end up paying for both. For foreign students who have international student health insurance, universities usually credit insurance that were made inside the country and are owned by a company inside the U.S only.

A student health insurance usually has lower standards and requirements as compared to other types of insurance plans. Usually, student health insurance plans would require students to have a minimum number of credits enrolled in the university for them to take advantage of the benefits. Again, each university would differ form the other so check the rules and policies of the student health insurance first to see if you pass the minimum requirements or not.

So never take health insurance for granted most especially in your student life. Ensure your good performance in school by staying in the best shape as possible. Purchase student health insurance and most importantly, take advantage of it. Some students do purchase one without hassles, but after they start their first day of classes, they totally forget that it was even there! So aside from buying a student health insurance plan, be sure to take advantage of it. Make use of regular check-ups that are covered by the health insurance plan.