The Basics on Short Term Health Insurance

March 13, 2009 by  
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There are a lot of different types of insurance policies available in the market: personal insurance, family insurance, student health insurance, temporary health insurance, etc. All these insurance have different coverage at different rates.

So you scan every detail of each and suddenly, one particular health insurance catches your eye. It has very low premiums and the coverage looks good enough to purchase. The name? Short term health Insurance. But before you congratulate yourself for finding a very good deal, it is important for you to know the fine details on this insurance coverage. So before rushing to purchase this insurance coverage, try to read on little bit to find out if a short term health insurance will fit your lifestyle best.

From the name itself, short term health insurance is a temporary insurance that usually gives a coverage period of 6 months to a year of selected medical services. This is great for people who do not have personal insurance, yet, and just want to make sure that they are medically covered for the duration of the time, until they get their new job or just until they enroll in a new university; or for people who are planning to get a long-term insurance but just haven’t decided what plan to take yet – this would also be a good option to chose.

And because the coverage is time limited, the monthly rates are very affordable. But just a heads up for insurance hunters, temporary health insurance do not cover pre-existing health conditions. Pre-existing health conditions are those that have reoccurred in a person’s medical record 2-3 years before the temporary health insurance was purchased. So if such a conditions return, then short term health insurance will not be able to cover any expenses related to the condition. There is actually a separate type of insurance that covers pre- existing medical conditions and they are much more expensive as compared to the latter.

So if you think that short term health insurance is the most cost-effective choice for your situation right now, the try to go online and search fort the best deal that you can find. There are numerous websites by insurance companies that allow you to read their coverage and policies online. Their website should be able to tell you everything that you need. But if you do have any questions about coverage or what ever, never be hesitant to call up the company themselves. Aside from this, most of the insurance websites also allow you to get a temporary quote of the price for the time period that you wish to use the insurance. And some insurance providers can even assure you of insurance coverage the very next day!

So if you want to have peace of mind just before you get your new job or enroll to the next university, purchase a short term health insurance and you will get to enjoy health benefits at a very low rate and will protect you from any medical conditions that could arise at least in this time period.