Rake In the Cash With A Garage Sale

April 21, 2009 by  
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Everyone love a sale. It is not just the bargain prices of a garage sale, but the little insight into another’s life that many people cannot resist. If money is scant, try cleaning out those jam-packed cupboards and attic and make some money while you spring clean.

Once you have decided on having your sale, pick an appropriate date. Weekends that fall on a holiday are not ideal so try to choose a weekend with fair weather, not too cold and definitely no rain.

Enlist the help of your family and friends, if they can make it. The more, the merrier and the additional help will assist in looking after the items for sell as well as the takings. Perhaps they can add to the stock with some old items of their own.

Display your merchandise in an attractive manner and try to put prices on most items. With a pretty display, you can make your sale items appear more eye-catching and valuable. However, be prepared for some haggling, that is the spirit of a yard sale and you don’t want to appear too fussy or expensive, this will just put potential buyers off.

Reasonably pre-priced items will probably receive less bartering than items with no price in full view. A handy gauge for evaluating your item is to charge roughly a quarter of the original price of the item.

Prior to your sale try to begin your collection well in advance with a few items everyday put aside for the sale. This will reduce the nightmare of getting your stock together on the day, be well prepared and you will be able to enjoy your sale, rather than stressing and getting flustered.

You will be well advised to advertise your sale in advance to give people the opportunity to plan ahead, not too far in advance though, as people might forget about it. Try a local newspaper where an ad can be purchased pretty cheaply, it will be mostly locals interested in attending your sale anyway. Remember to include the address of the sale, no point in advertising your sale and missing out the most vital piece of information.

Look out for other opportunities to advertise such as shop sale boards and bulletin boards, even flyers on light-posts, if allowed. Some areas require a minimal priced permit for your sale, check out the requirements for your town.

Together with your advertisement for your sale, you will need to set up sign posts to mark the spot and entice passers by to browse. Think about the factors included in making your sign to your utmost advantage. The sign must be readable from a distance and not too cluttered. It must be rigid. If there is wind, you don’t want it bending over and defeating the purpose. Make sure there are no laws in your area forbidding garage/yard sale sign-posting.

Place your best items in full view to attract customers and do not place anything nearby that is not for sale. Remember to keep a store of bags for the purchase. It is not a essential but a nice touch.

Once the sale comes to an end, try to get packed up in good time and take down the signs (and any outside of your property).

Garage sales can be an excellent, fun day out for the family and you really can make a tidy sum by cleaning up your house.