Upgrade Your Income With A Second Job

April 21, 2009 by  
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With the cost of living in general going skywards, most people are feeling the pinch. These days it is increasingly common to have a second job for a period of time to augment your existing income, in some cases it is a necessity. Research shows around 17% of the American public are working two jobs to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

When money is tight or more scarce than before, it could be time to invest some of your time in a additional part-time job. One of the easiest types of job to acquire is within the food and drink industry as a waiter/ress or bar staff. Maybe this isn’t your dream job but with the promise of extra cash in the form of tips, it may just get your interest.

It is possible to get your second job related to something you have an interest in or a hobby. If you enjoy arts and crafts, have a look around for employment in a small art store or boutique. You may have a secret wish to open your own juice or coffee bar. In this case, try for a job in an establishment of that nature and find out how it all works and maybe even some advice from the owner.

If you follow your interests, you may even find your self with a viable full-time job and be able to give up your current day job.

If you have a talent or skill, say in the field of music or other art forms, try honing your craft. You can take up lessons or go to classes and obtain the necessary qualifications so you can teach others. This is an excellent form of additional income and this too can become a full-time, well paid career option.

Available work, which is hugely on the increase, is in sales. There are many call centres pooping up everywhere in a multitude of subject areas such as telecommunications and satellite television. What makes these jobs so convenient is that they are often available for evening work and weekends allowing you to seamlessly work both jobs. You can receive valuable training and work experience that can be utilized in many different areas and make some friends for life in the process.

Failing all that, you can set up a service for busy high fliers to do household chores such as an ironing service. This type of facility is becoming quite popular with a big demand for it. Get your thinking cap on and simply brainstorm types of services people need and supply them with it.

The most important factor, regardless of what type of second job you choose, is to have some interest in the theme. It may be tenuous, but if the interest is there, the motivation will be too.

Always factor in your private life. There is no point in grinding yourself down with no time to spend with your family and friends. No amount of money can replace that. However, with a happy balance and some compromise you can earn that additional cash and enjoy your life – get the best of both worlds.