Finding Retirement Plan Services To Help You Plan For Your Future

March 21, 2009 by  
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Many, if not all workplaces offer their employees an option to join an all bells and whistles retirement plan. But what if your workplace doesn’t offer any plans or it is not a suitable plan for you? Or maybe you work for yourself and have no idea where to start with regards to saving for your retirement.

There is no need to worry, there are other measures that you can take to get some help in deciding what form your future finances will take. Retirement plan services are usually available in all areas and can be found within many organizations that will give you the necessary information to help you save for your future.

One of the best places to enquire about information on retirement planning is your bank. Saving money and information regarding this is what they do. Every bank is different but bank’s main aim is to provide a place for people to save their money. You can enquire at the Bank of America where you are or any major bank about whether they have information in the form of a booklet, one to one advise or any discussion groups especially for retirement planning advice. You can even organize a meeting with your bank manager for future savings advice.

Another route could be to find out at if there is a resource with your local community centre or any other non-profitable organization that you are a member of such as your church if you have one or a charity. If they don’t have one in place, you can ask for the possibility of setting up a focus group for those looking for information in retirement planning. Their will be many people only too happy to relay their successes and give tips and advice.

There may also be professionals of this nature available who can offer some free and non-biased advice on the matter. You might want to find out if there are any members with expertise who would agree to give a talk. You can advertise in the local paper and billboards, where allowed.

There is also the great resource which is the internet for a plethora of advice on this subject. Sites such as and
will give you a first point of call for information which you could take with you to one of your other resources for comparison.

If you are not getting a retirement plan from your work you could still, however, request advice on the matter. The human resources department and even work representatives could help you or at least point you in the right direction for suitable advice on retirement savings.