Highly Effective Tips To Help You Cut College Costs

February 9, 2009 by  
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Your college days are going to be a financial struggle, that isn’t to say that you won’t enjoy every last minute but it won’t be the most wealthy years of you life. It is a good idea to think about ways to save money before your begin and continue while you are at college.

There are effective, ways to cut college costs before and during your stay. Before you even begin try to put your money away for a rainy day (your college) and just a little each week soon adds up. If you have a part-time job, every dollar counts. You will thank yourself when you are at college and you can afford to have that night out.

There are ways and means for you to be able to omit some courses out of your overall studies, reducing the fees. Taking part in Advance placement courses and the exams involved in your high school can give you some college credit and save money. If you do exceptionally well you can begin college in 2nd year. That’s a big incentive, so take advantage.

If you look out for any educational programs that concentrate on your chosen career, you can qualify to leave out similar parts of your course because you have that qualification. These career focus programs can help you reduce costs and save your precious time.

Another great opportunity to look out for are Domestic Service Programs or Organizations which present opportunities to people of college student age to work in community programs in various locations in the country. You will receive a small wage for living expenses but more importantly, you get a monetary award to reduce you college fees. You will be learning a new skill which can be a valuable addition to you C.V or Portfolio.

When you begin your studies, think about how you are going to allocate your allowance and what you need and don’t need. Create a spreadsheet of where your money is going, this will really help you realise the value of money and how to be frugal.

Look out for ways to save money on campus. If you are quick when receiving you college book list, get straight to that library before the books on your subject are gone. If you can obtain the book list prior to studying all the better. If there are some books you can’t get at the library, there are many students in the year above who will be selling their old books. Look on the campus message boards, you can really save money doing this.

Save money on food and buy cheap and healthy ingredients for meals that you can eat over a few days. This will give you the extra money for that concert at the weekend without going into overdraft. Eating balanced meals will give you more energy to do well in your studies also.

University Campus’s often have free give-aways in the form of food and drinks, look out for them and always be aware of any free offers. Remember you are a student, this is expected of you.

Eat well, get plenty of exercise and rest, and you should be in good shape. Medical bills are something you don’t want to face. Try to walk wherever possible, the power of walking instead of getting the bus or driving on health is under-estimated

You can always get a small part-time job, but don’t burn yourself out, this will just be detrimental to your studies and be defeating the purpose. You will be told to work hard and play hard, just remember to save hard too.