Yes, You Can Free Money for College

February 10, 2009 by  
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College is going to be a burden on the purse strings. There is no doubt that money will be tight, however there are excellent money saving tips in the form of financial assistance that you should take advantage of.

Research has shown that around 50% of college student receive some form of financial assistance, it is purely a matter of finding out what is available to you. In most cases the aid comes in the form of students loans, scholarships, grants, and hardship funds.

Some of these funding systems require to be paid back and some do not. The latter includes scholarships and grants so if you can obtain either (or both) your struggle will be considerably reduced. However, you will have fierce competition in both these areas. Your competition will be studious and hard working and are not going to let anything get in their way, but you can do the same if you are tenacious enough.

If you want to get on, fight for that scholarship, not only will your finances be increased you will receive a higher qualification making your job prospects a lot brighter.

If you take a student loan, the average student immerses from college with around a debt of around $6000, you won’t have to start paying that back until you are in well-paid employment and the interest rates are very minimal. But be aware of the small print, with a student loan you are entering into a contract and you must pay this money back.

There are other, credit based funds that you can apply for that will reward you for hard work at college called Merit Based Financial Aid. This financial aid body, merit’s the student for being an asset to the college and making full use of the learning process. Working hard really does pay off, if possible you can save your money for a rainy day and really take the heat off.

Hardship funds or Need Based aid is available in most universities and colleges. You can fill in the form if you think you should be entitled, there is no harm in trying, and if you think you are, then you probably are.

During your summer break, it may be a good idea to get a job so you can save money for the up-coming year. There are many programs available for students to get away and do something totally different, such as working in summer camps. You can obtain some excellent skills that can be included in your C.V, which is invaluable.

It is always the same, the ones who do not give up, get it all (well, in most cases). You will hear of students getting every fund under the sun, that is because they did their homework. If you research enough you can find out what you are entitled to, even if the link is somewhat tenuous. Yes, free money for college is there for the taking.