Are The Best Things In Life Free In The World Of Dating?

February 12, 2009 by  
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Everyone likes to get spoiled. Weekend breaks to Paris, gourmet dinners and champagne
to mention a few. If you can afford it, that’s great, but don’t forget that sometimes it is the simple things that can be the most touching.

If your date knows you can afford expensive dates but you mindlessly have the same date, date after date, there is going to be a problem, you don’t want to get stagnant.

Money is not the be all, sometimes you really can get more out of a free or inexpensive date, after all it’s about the two of you, not a race to spend the most money. If you give the dates a bit of thought and creativity your partner will likely be impressed.

A little picnic in the park on a sunny day. A trip to the zoo can be a great way to learn new things with each other, this can be very under-estimated. Find out what candies your partner likes and surprise her the next time you see her, when you organise a stroll in a Botanic Garden.

First dates that involve walking and talking are good for a relaxed conversation and you don’t have to sit face to face with the emphasis on whether the conversation is flowing. A walk along the beach with an inspirational and romantic setting makes it immaterial if there is a silence, you can just enjoy the view.

Have a joke night. Each person has to gather some jokes together and the first person to make the other laugh wins (you can decide on a prize). This doesn’t have to stop at the first laugh, enjoy a bottle of wine together and let the comedy flow. Again there is very little cash being spent here, but who’s counting, at this stage you are just enjoying each other’s company.

Huddle up to a warm fire on a cold night and find out your hopes and dreams. What talents and skills do you have. If you are gong to spend the foreseeable future with this person, you need to find out what makes them tick. Give each other a neck and back massage, it doesn’t matter if you are any good at it, it’s the taking part that counts.

Show how much you care and write poems to your potential loved one. Ok, your poems suck, it doesn’t matter, she will be delighted that you made such an effort and created something original just for her.

Yes, fancy and expensive holidays, restaurants and exclusive clubs can be great, but cannot decide if you can really enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes it really is the little things that are the most memorable and magical. Take away the frills and make your own fun, you might just find something special..