Can We Go Dutch on A Date?

February 10, 2009 by  
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Entertainment, being one of the most lucrative type of business is not cheap. These days we need to take out an overdraft just to go to the movies. When dating, the last thing you want to be perceived as is a cheapskate and why, in this climate of equal opportunities should the guy foot the bill. These days many couples are going “Dutch” and are perfectly happy to do so.

The phenomena which is going Dutch or Dutch dating, simply means that both parties pay for the check at the end of a date. It can also mean that each person takes a turn to pay for a date, this is quite common amongst Scandinavians.

The act of going Dutch is becoming more and more ubiquitous, especially within younger generations, however, not all cultures, generations or areas have fully accepted it yet.

Back in the 60’s, the feminism movement paved the way for equal opportunities among men and women which also translated into the dating scene. With the man paying the check, it was felt that the female was somehow indebted and would perhaps be paying in kind later in the date. Although it has taken many years for the “Dutch” method to fully take hold, it has been practiced for decades.

These days, a general rule of thumb for who will go on to pay for the date lies with the person doing the asking. Usually, more often than not this is the man but certainly less than decades gone by, and why not?

When this is the case, it is a good idea to go for something on the quality side in terms of paying out to make a good impression, however this does not mean that every future date needs to be a pricey one. The female counterpart should keep ordering down to a reasonable level, taking advantage of the guy’s generous nature is not on.

It may be the case that the woman wants to pay her share and feels more comfortable doing this. However, if the man is insistent, then there should be no worries for any feeling of obligations down the line but perhaps the lady can be firm in paying for the next, if the date goes well. This can be a nice seamless follow on to a future date.

If money is a little tight and you are trying to save money but are still adamant that you want to foot the bill, don’t feel foolish about using a free coupon or two for one offer. Simply place it under your credit card on the tray provided for the check, just don’t make a big deal about it and you’re date won’t even notice.

Many people these days are conscious of their finances and would be happy to go for a special offers or discount meals. Many quality restaurants are aware of this and offer prices accordingly. You’re date might feel a little uncomfortable if you go overboard on the first date with lavish gourmet dinners at hugely inflated prices anyway. Finding a nice balance between you is part of learning about each other and if your date is not keen on helping out in the finances department, maybe it is better to find this out now rather than later.