Is It Possible To Save Money On A Date And Still Impress?

February 9, 2009 by  
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Dating can be a nerve-racking experience at the best of times so adding money issues into the mix can be just plain frustrating. If money was not an issue, of course you would love to treat him/her to fancy luxuries and languish in top restaurants, unfortunately this is not always feasible. And frankly, it doesn’t have to be.

Some of the best dates are purely down to the company and showing some initiative. If your partner is someone worth caring for, they won’t frown on the fact that you have not spent a fortune on them. That being said it is nice to know that a bit of time and effort has been put into planning a date.

One of the most exciting factors about going out with someone new, is getting to know them and doing things you do not normally do. The best ways to save money on a date include planning with a little creativity and the element of surprise.

The first few dates might entail some inexpensive easy going outings such as a walk in the park, followed by a bite to eat, so you can learn a bit about each other. This is pretty standard, but if you include a little surprise in the date, it will keep him/her guessing, again this does not have to be centred around shelling out.

Then, you might want to go for something a bit more flashy like a meal in her favorite restaurant (find this out, but subtly if course). Every single date does not have to mean an empty pocket, and in most cases you partner will feel the same. Some people are embarrassed for money to be constantly spent on them and may even be trying to save money their-self.

Intersperse you romantic dates with fun, cheap and cheerful dates that are just about getting to know each other such as bike ride or a walk along the beach. The romantic dates are nice but the pressure is off with the out-doorsy dates where the emphasis is not all on the two of you, or your wallet.

An excellent way to really bond and cement the relationship (if it is going well) is to have a day out at a sporting event. If you know someone who is playing in a particular sporting game, you can have an additional reason to go and cheer them on. Extra nibbles on the side won’t break the bank either.

Should one of your friend’s be throwing a party, bring your partner along and introduce her to your friends. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet in a relaxed setting. You could even throw a small party or get-together yourself and ask your partner to bring a few friends so they will not feel intimidated.

A night out can be an expensive affair, so if you both decide that a night out is called for do a little research first. Some bars can be very expensive, so find out if any do a special offer or a “happy-hour”. You can call your favorite bars to find out if they are offering any good deals on a particular night. This may seem a little pre-empted but you will be glad at the end of the night that you did your homework.

Dating, does not have to be all about how much is spent. You can organise a fantastic day out without having to go into debt. Find out what your partner enjoys and try to find a suitable activity involving their interests. You will look like the perfect date and still have managed to save money.