7 Excellent Money Saving Ideas For Family Outings

March 7, 2009 by  
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Family outings that will keep both the kids and parents entertained can easily be achieved on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, kids can be easily amused and it doesn’t have to take bank account crippling trips to the movies or fun-fare. A little pre-thought and creativity can have you on your way to really saving money for a rainy day.

Following are a few effective ideas for entertaining your loved ones.

1. A fantastic way to have a great day in/out with the kids is to organize a yard sale. Not just the sale day itself but the preparation can provide fun and laughs for all the family finding all the unwanted hilarious items from the past to sell. Each family member can be in charge of a particular stall (but keep an eye out), kids love getting a little bit of responsibility as it makes them feel important and grown up. The money taken can go towards the next few outings.

2. A day out at the beach. This is totally free (with the exception of the odd ice-cream) and is a great outing which includes plenty of exercise and fresh air for the kids. There is plenty of fun to be had for all, and creates real solidarity within the family.

3. Visiting specially structured gardens such as botanical gardens can be a fun but educational trip out. Often, these establishments will have a little section for small animals for additional interest. Bringing a picnic can reduce costs on meals out and are every bit as fun.

4. Go a bit wacky and make up holiday celebrations that do not really exist such as cookie making day and enjoy a culinary day in with the kids. You could choose a healthy option as well, if the kids see it as a celebration it doesn’t matter the subject matter. Include some competitive games with little prizes to be had.

5. Kite flying is always a firm favorite among kids. You could even spend a day making the kite then later go fly it. There is something inspirational and invigorating about flying a kite that brings everyone together.

6. Visit a museum. This might sound a bit boring to the kids at first, but if you do a little research first about the museum, you could help to keep them interested and again, it is totally free. It only takes a little nudge in the right direction and the kids will become enthralled. A promise of a little treat afterwards such as an inexpensive, tasty snack doesn’t hurt either.

7. Go camping. This might take a bit or prior preparation, but it is well worth it. This could be in place of a short holiday and is a great money saving idea. The kids will love the idea of sleeping outdoors, and many campsites have night-time entertainment which is either free or almost free. If allowed on the campsite, you could build a campfire and toast marshmallows and sausages.

Kids love creativity and being creative, they don’t measure fun in terms of cost. The old anecdote about the child having more fun with the box rather than the toy inside holds a lot of weight. Get your thinking cap on because the ideas for family entertainment on a budget are truly endless.