Your Kids-Don’t Spend Your Money, Spend Your Time

March 11, 2009 by  
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You think you are being kind by slipping you kid a $20 note and they are off out with their friends. Did you ever think that they would actually rather forfeit the cash and spend the time with their parents.

Many moms and dads go through the same thought process where as long as they are providing for their kids on a monetary level, that is sufficient. The fact is, many kids want family time but are maybe too proud to mention it, they would rather hold it in rather than say they want your time.

Maybe you are both extremely busy with your careers which pay for the family to survive, but there is no point in running your self into the ground without being able to enjoy your kids while they are still young. Many family members are like passing ships in the night with different mealtimes and even sleeping patterns.

To remedy this does not have to mean a complete turn around of structure to the family life. A little tweak here and there can make all the difference. Make a point of having one day or evening in the week where the family is together and are able to sit down and have a meal together. The sooner you do this the easier, it is for everyone to get used to it and actually really enjoy the time spent together

Make the most out of the day/evening, talk and get to know what is happening in everybody’s lives. What are your kids doing at school, what are their favorite subjects? You’ll be amazed at how much they want to tell you (and like being asked).

One of the best ways to create camaraderie and fun within the family is games such as board games and quizzes. This is a great fun, low cost way of interacting with your loved ones and having a sense of togetherness. A great way to cement the family bond is to invite a neighboring family to come round for a game each family being the competing teams.

This kind of night in, even though there are other non-family members involved, is a prevailing method of family solidarity. You will probably want to make this a regular evening in.

Another way to unite family members is to create or build something. If you have a spare room that could be converted into a games or family room, each member could have a role in helping the construction. This type of team effort is subtle but every bit as effective as the competition night and with something to show at the end of it. These memories of family life will last for ever and are irreplaceable.

Try to show interest in your children’s activities and likes and dislikes, your child needs to witness confirmation that you care. It is also important to actively encourage and be positive when they need it most, and a kiss and a hug doesn’t go amiss either, tactility in a family is important for your child’s development in social skills and a sign that they are loved.

Giving your time to your children outweighs an extra bit of pocket-money on every level, they will thank you for it and the value of a close knit family lasts forever.