How Can You Save Energy And Save Money With A Hybrid?

March 9, 2009 by  
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With the current state of shrinking oil stores, many people are looking to find ways in which to cut costs and glean more mileage out of every last drop of gas in the tank. The oil supplies that we do have will not last forever and it is crucial that we find ways to increase efficiency in the use of gas and find alternative resources for fuel.

Not so long ago it was the pretty standard to have a big car with a big tank and an even bigger appetite for gas. Now, however, those cars are frowned on due to both the low mileage per gallon and emissions on the environment.

One way to really save energy and save money is investing in a hybrid car. This type of vehicle is run on both gas and electricity and provides the benefits of both types of fuel including efficient fuel use and power.

Many people are turning to this new type of car including those with high profiles in the entertainment industry. Only a few years ago, this would have been unheard of, however, people are beginning to realise the implications on the economy, environment and lifestyle of ignoring the depletion in fuel.

Most probably do not realise that the hybrid concept dates back to the 1800’s so it is hardly in it’s infancy. Some of the most prestigious car manufacturers such as Lexus, Ford and Honda have produced hybrid cars and it would appear that the market is growing.

Other features of the hybrid car also contribute to energy efficiency. The engine will automatically shut down when the car comes to a halt or when coasting and the car utilizes a system known as regenerative braking which confines the energy which would otherwise be lost in braking.
The hybrid is designed so that there is no energy lost due to “drag” with it’s aerodynamic structure and well-designed tyres..

Now that there are many hybrid cars being manufactured of all shapes and sizes, it is possible to get a size of your choosing, however just as with pure gas-run cars, the larger the hybrid the lower efficiency. That being said the larger hybrid still beats the standard vehicle by miles on efficiency.

In pure electric mode the hybrid can reach around 40 mph, after this the combustion engines is activated giving additional power.

In terms of saving money on gas, the hybrid, if allowing you an estimated additional10 miles per gallon with a mileage of around 15000 miles per year and $4 per gallon, you will be saving in excess of a thousand dollars. That is the lower end of the scale, some hybrid cars can be even more economic and when factoring in the possibly of tax savings, the overall saving will increase still.

Saving money and saving on gas is paramount in this day and age. The hybrid car takes care of both of these and a nice car to boot.