Learn How To Save Money On Gas Using 5 Easy Steps

March 8, 2009 by  
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Gone are the days when you could go for a leisurely drive to nowhere in particular just for the fun of it. In the past you might have been happy to be branded the boy/girl racer and proud of it too. However, with the depletion of gas and the knock-on effect of the increasing prices, it is now almost a necessity to find methods to save on gas.

Driving is not going to go away, most of us rely on it to get to work, school, the weekly shop among others, so it is time to develop new strategies to make the most out of our tank of fuel.

You may be surprised to find that it is quite simple to make a few changes to your driving to really rack up the benefits. Making an effort to apply one of the following steps to your driving per day will see you saving more money on gas than you thought was possible.

1. One of the first important factors to think about is slowing down. This does not have to mean to a snails pace but just slightly under the speed limit. The most cost-effective speed for most cars is 55 mph, giving you the most value for money. This may take some discipline, but it can be done. Some highways allow up to 80 mph but unless there is an emergency there is really no need for such a speed. The focus is on how to save money, not how to get to your destination a few minutes quicker.

2. Alongside driving at an efficient speed, try to develop a calm demeanour. This can be quite difficult, I think we have all experienced road rage. However, try to drive as if you have precious cargo on board that must be kept pristine. You will find that not only do you save money on gas but become a safer driver into the bargain.

3. Try to drive at a consistence pace, rather than jerky movements, moving and cutting around other traffic. Cutting mileage by only 5% can make an overall saving of around $100 dollars per year. Better in your pocket.

4. Think about unnecessary weight in you vehicle. Do you have a luggage rack, a trunk full of unneeded items? If you get rid of the additional weight, again, you will be saving money on gas with less weight to pull and a reduction on air drag.

5) It is no longer a requirement for you car to warm up on ignition. These days, cars are engineered to warm up almost instantly and time left with the car in idle is simply a waste of gas.

*(6) An additional tip to avoid gas waste is to fill your tank at a cool time of the day as the volume of gas increases with higher temperatures and may leak out. These tips for saving money on gas can be implemented everyday and you will soon be reaping the benefits of a more cost-effective drive.