Using 7 Simple Hypermiler Tips To Save Energy And Save Money

March 7, 2009 by  
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A new phenomena is taking hold in a bid to save money on gas called Hypermiling, also known as Ecodriving. This, essentially, is the economic use of gas when driving, the definition of hypermiling being to rebel against increasing gas prices. In this day and age, these tactics are very appealing and although they require a little discipline, they can go a long way to help save energy and save money.

Most of the methods involved in this technique are pretty simple to incorporate into your driving . Together with the following tips you can also save money on car repairs and heighten the effectiveness of gas saving by keeping your vehicle in good condition with oil and filter changes on a regular basis and keeping the tyres inflated to reduce “drag”.

1. Try to keep your speed within the speed limit, preferably lower if possible. The higher the speed the higher the gas consumption. You will still get to your destination by driving a little slower and probably with little difference in time. It is a fallacy that driving at speed gets you where you want to go quicker in a built up area or in town. You are limited by the traffic signals and other drivers, so if you are driving fast you will simply be using the brakes a lot more.

2. It is possible to save on gas by driving in neutral or with your foot on the clutch, allowing the momentum coast the car. However in some states this is illegal and can also be a danger when driving in heavy traffic.

3. Before beginning your journey take a moment to plan ahead. What routes have less traffic signals, slow moving traffic and other factors that will cause you to drive less economically. Shorter routes with more congestion can end up taking longer with higher gas consumption.

4. Another step to save money on gas is by “ridge riding”. This technique involves driving close to the single white line on the right side of the highway cutting any unnecessary addition to your route. Weaving around on the highway just increases gas usage and adds to the mileage.

5. When you are driving towards a hill, try to increase speed giving you the required momentum to coast down the hill in neutral for an extended distance.

6. Every powered facility in a car such as air-conditioning, powered mirrors and other controls, all contribute to the overall gas requirement of the vehicle. Try to limit use of these additional luxuries when possible. Over time you will really notice a difference.

7. The two most important factors in being an effective hypermiler is patience and discipline. However once you start using the techniques they will soon become second nature. Many people are already beginning to slow down due to rising costs in gas. There will, no doubt, always be aggressive drivers or someone with an emergency, so be a courteous driver and let them by where appropriate.

You can hyper mile with any type of car but it is even more effective with smaller cars and hybrids. Using these simple tips to run your car more efficiently not only saves you money but contributes greatly to the environment.