Which Alternative Fuels Can Help You Save Money?

March 5, 2009 by  
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Due to diminishing resources, fuel prices are now on the increase and becoming one of the main household expenses. Many people are now actively looking for effective ways to save money on gas and research into the possibility of using alternative fuel, has put three main contestants, ethanol, electricity and bio diesel up for discussion.

Ethanol, which is also known as pure alcohol is a highly feasible candidate for use as an alternative fuel. It is produced by a system involving the extraction of ethanol from plants, known as biomass. Brazil has the largest production of ethanol for fuel purposes using sugar cane with around 20% of cars having ethanol engines.

Ethanol can also be produced using other biomass plantation such as leaves, wheat, sawdust and household waste products. The ease and abundance of resources for the production of ethanol makes it a very efficient alternative fuel and, in the very near future, may be a practical method to save energy and save money..

Plantations have been created solely for the purpose of the production of renewable fuels, which not only reduces damage to the environment but also creates employment.

Bio diesel or bio fuel is manufactured using vegetable oils and fats and is completely bio-degradable and clean burning. It is one of the cleanest alternative fuels meeting the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

Bio diesel is relatively simple to produce and at a lower cost due to the readily available resources. It is possible to produce this fuel at home, however if there are any complications in the process, damage to an automobile engine may follow. Currently, the bio diesel industry is in it’s infancy but is steadily growing due to increasing demand.

Electricity is another alternative fuel which can be utilized in the running of vehicles known as “hybrid” cars. This is a process involving batteries storing energy and an electric motor powering the wheels, the batteries require replacement roughly every four years. Currently these cars are not quite at the standard of traditional fuel run cars in terms of distance, speed and storage capacity.

Hybrid electric cars are also clean running with no dangerous emissions. They are perfect for the daily run to work/school and are light and run quietly.

Due to apparent lack of demand, there has not been production of a pure electricity run car by a large vehicle company, however there has been some increase in small business manufacture.

The usage of renewable fuel is becoming a certainty due to the depletion of natural oil resources and the effect on the environment. Many people are becoming desperate to learn how to save money on gas. With the usage of renewable fuel, research has shown that gas demand will reduce around 30% in the U.S by 2030.