5 Fabulous Money Saving Ideas For Unusual Gifts

March 9, 2009 by  
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Giving and receiving gifts is part of our culture and makes us feel loved and cherished. Regardless of how much the gift cost when a bit of thought is applied, the gift becomes even more special. When money is tight and you need to save money rather than spend why not try making your gift from scratch?

As the years pass by, without really noticing it, we can fall into a rut of giving (and getting) roughly the same gifts. This is largely due to knowing what each other likes and trying to avoid disappointment, however, the element of surprise is one of the best parts of receiving a gift. Why not save money and produce a fabulously unique gift for your loved one?

Following are some easy to follow, money saving ideas for a truly unique and unusual gift.

The gifts you give do not necessarily have to be a physical item, you can give a gift in the form of a service or activity. You can craft a hand-made IOU card in the form of a certificate, stating that you will perform a service such as cooking a meal, cleaning the house or any other skill that would be appreciated. If you are a musician, you could provide musical entertainment for an evening.

You can take a simple household item such as a message corkboard and spruce it up. Cover the board with bright material and decorate with beads, shells or anything that takes your fancy to produce a lovely handcrafted gift. The fact that this item is completely unique and can’t be purchased anywhere makes it that bit more special.

A new craze where you can buy your loved one a piece of land on the moon or a star is taking hold. This wacky present includes the deed to the piece of land giving direction and the exact location with a certificate provided. What makes this even more interesting is, if you look in of the bigger newspapers you will find companies dealing in real estate (extraterrestrial). This gift will bring a smile and is sure to be something they did not anticipate.

You can do a little work on photoshop or any other image software such as “picnic” and fashion your loved one’s photo on a gift such as a T-shirt, a piece of crockery or a mouse pad. When you know the person well, you can give a suitable gift that will strike a chord.

When money is tight and you are trying to save money, the best ways to save money on gifts are thoughtful and sometimes humorous gifts. Try having a look in the joke shop. You can buy a few items cheaply and put them together to create a fun basket of goodies, through in a few candies and streamers. The receiver of the gift will appreciate the time spent on them and know that they were important enough to put the work in. Any thoughts of cost will go out the window.

You really do not need to worry about spending a fortune on a quality present, let your imagination run and create a special and unique gift, saving money on a gift does not have to mean a lesser value gift. You can even put a little brand (made by you), these gifts will be kept forever and treasured.