Save Costs On Presents With A Beautiful Homemade Gift Basket

March 7, 2009 by  
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In an age where everyone has almost everything they want, with there every whim available at the click of a mouse, isn’t it nice to receive a gift where care and thought not to mention some elbow grease has been applied?

A gift basket can be tailor-made to an individuals taste and although they can be expensive to buy ready made, making your own allows you not only to save money but gives that added personal touch.

A gift is always nice no matter what, but a gift which has been carefully constructed with the intended person in mind is the highest compliment and shows that they are important enough to spend the time.

Putting together a gift basket for a loved one can be great fun and there are many resources to utilize for the contents. Homemade food such as preserves and cookies are just a few. Practical foods such as cheese and fruit can be bought cheaply then organised in a food basket to look beautiful.

Before commencing on your gift basket, plan ahead. How much can you afford, who are you giving the gift to and what do they like. No matter what their interests and taste, there is always a gift basket that will appeal.

Many companies who produce gift baskets, base them on a theme such as 60’s memorabilia, rustic, country foods and other interest and pastimes. Even the smallest budget can produce a suitable gift with a little pre-planning.

There are many types of containers to choose from but the most aesthetically pleasing has to be the wicker basket. They are relatively cheap but have a unique ability to muster up memories of sunny picnics in childhood. If a wicker basket doesn’t quite suit the theme, you can use flower pots, trays and even coffee mugs.

Let the theme run the show, if the theme happens to be gardening, you could use a plant pot, if it’s cookery, then a mixing bowl, the ideas are endless. The container can also provide humour as well as practical use. Different materials, such as crepe paper, cotton wool, straw or any other filler you can think of can be used to line the container. You can save money on filler by using materials from your home.

The arrangement of your basket should include the main gift being placed in the center with the surrounding gifts and bit and bobs surrounding it. Your filler material should be interspersed amongst the gifts. The basket should look full and slightly overflowing for a more exciting presentation.

Once you have completed the basket place inside a plastic bag and decorate with balloons or a bow and place your card where it can be seen.

Encompassing the receiver’s interests, what makes them laugh, their personality shows genuine care for them and a gift which, no matter how much money is spent, cannot be matched. To save costs on presents does not have to mean saving on quality.