Ways To Save Money On Wedding Gifts-5 Easy Ways To Save Money For An Incredible Wedding Gift

March 10, 2009 by  
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We have all felt it, the feeling of dread when the wedding invitation comes through the door for yet another wedding of someone you hardly know. Although it is nice to be invited the all important questions – what do I get them and how much do I spend? Spring to mind.

If you are invited to the full reception, generally the gift would be a bit more lavish and a rough gauge would be to spend roughly the same amount as the mea would cost. Obviously, this is quite a broad range but you can spend within the lower end, after all it is not a competition.

When you are on a budget and having to spend money on a gift was not anticipated it is good to know there are ways to save money but still manage to produce a lovely and suitable gift.

Firstly, make sure you are quick to browse the wedding gift list. These days the bride and groom usually supply a list for all spending ranges, as they know not everyone has a large budget and that there are many items that are cheaper but handy to receive, such as kitchen utensils.

Think about what a newly wed couple might want or need. If they are moving in to a new house, they will probably have many household items on the list. Try putting together a gift basket with small (cheap) kitchen utensils but placed decoratively with a bottle of red wine and chocolates tied with a bow. The bride and groom will be getting a multitude of boxed items and probably some duplicates but they will remember yours and it will be heartfelt.

Instead of the basket, you can go for a theme, such as a night in with ingredients for a lovely meal, including a recipe with some cheap and cheerful bubbly, you could round off the gift with a romantic movie and some un-popped popcorn all placed in a rustic mixing bowl.

Find a nice bottle of red wine (a kind you know they like) and tell them that it is to be opened until their 5th wedding anniversary. Tie a little note round the bottle which they are to open on the day. Thoughtful gifts which show that you wanted to make an effort out-value any expensive gift that has been hurriedly purchased last minute.

Look for a beautiful frame for the wedding invitation, or, you could take a plain frame and decorate it yourself. This would be a unique gift that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Other nice items to frame would be a favorite song or poem or even a reading from the wedding.

These gifts would be treasured and kept longer than the microwave or Coffee-maker they received. Putting a little effort, pre-planning and creativity goes a long way to saving money on the gift and you will more than likely end up with a more beautiful and appropriate gift than if you had spent twice as much.