Be Original And Save Money On Travel

March 20, 2009 by  
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Many of us are creatures of habit, we know what we like and we stick to it. When it comes to vacation time, there is no exception with the same kind of trips away to the same destination or similar. That is all very well and good if you can afford to fit the bill but what if money is short. If that is the case then it is time to make a change and in the process enjoy some new experiences.

There will always be certain areas of high tourist volume where everyone is attracted to but there are many, many countries and cities still largely untouched with much to offer. Certainly many are clicking on to this fact and countries that were previously unheard of as a destination are becoming more popular due to their unspoilt shores and land and the very inexpensive cost of the trip. No doubt, in time, the prices will rise but in the meant-time – take advantage.

Perform a bit of research online or enquire at your travel agency. They will be only to happy to give you some ideas to start your vacation idea juices going. If you enjoy going to foreign lands, many of the eastern block European countries are still being discovered in terms of a vacation destination and are very cheap after the initial flight. Accommodation hardly factors as an expense in some areas giving you the additional leverage to make the most out of your holiday.

Another great method to really save money and enjoy new experiences is to home swap. This entails swapping your home with others looking for the same opportunity (obviously, there is communication and arrangements beforehand) and all for free. You can holiday in comfort free of charge and make use of the local amenities and attractions. This is especially viable if you live in a well-sought after destination. There are many people advertising online and in newspapers for this sort of holiday.

If you still want to get away but don’t want to pay for pricey hotels, you can look out for bed and breakfast’s, sometimes known as pensions. They can offer a better price with pretty much the same standards as a hotel. They are usually smaller with less rooms but if you book early enough and shop around, you can secure a great deal. These establishments are rife throughout the U.K and other countries in Europe.

For a cheaper version still, there are many up-market hostels in top tourist locations to choose from. The old fashioned idea of a hostel where one room is shared by many has long since up-graded where you can acquire one or two rooms for the family, depending on requirements and use the facilities provided. Most include a sizeable breakfast that will see you through a large part of the day, saving more.

Depending on your age and interests, you can take part in a working holiday. There are many opportunities within the U.S working with kids in summer camps or in the big cities as a guide. Not only do you get to see new places but earn as well coming home with more cash than when you left. There are also volunteer schemes available, where you will receive bed and board for a limited amount of work, information can be obtained from organizations such as the Red Cross..

For a relaxing, spiritual journey, you can book rooms in monasteries and retreats, many in beautiful and inspiring settings. Some can be had for a very limited price or a humble donation.

There is a plethora of ideas for new and exciting vacations that won’t leave you worrying about a gaping dent in your finances. You can save money on the usual trip and change your outlook for the better.