Is It Possible To Get A Great Deal On A Cruise Line Vacation?

March 14, 2009 by  
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Many people overlook the idea of a cruise holiday seeing them as an unaffordable luxury only for wealthy pensioners. Back in the day, cruise ships were an elusive vacation with only a handful of ships to choose from. The facilities on board were limited but the prices still astronomical.

This type of vacation gradually became more prevalent with demand rising and in time prices were reduced to accommodate a wider variety of budgets. Bigger, more luxurious boats were built and competing companies included more and more benefits and special offers rendering the cruise a somewhat affordable vacation. This being said, there are some offers more agreeable than others and it pays to do some prior homework before booking.

There are many ways to research and compare prices for a cruise. Some individuals like to book directly from the company online, however you can acquire a very reasonable deal from your local travel agent or with other online travel businesses. Always look out for special deals, they are becoming more and more frequent for many journeys and destinations.

Unlike a standard vacation and the potential last-minute deals, it is more cost-effective to book your cruise vacation early with the possibility of saving up to forty per cent. This applies to any form of booking arrangement. However, there is an option to make big savings by become a stand-by passenger where you would be informed of your place around 3 weeks before departure. If you don’t mind the possibility of not getting away and making the saving, this is an exceptional money saver. If you pay for the cruise in full when booking you can also save money.

It is tempting to go all out with your cruise and demand a cabin with a window or even a balcony but this could really rack up the bill. If your cruise is lengthy with sunny weather you will hardly be spending your time in the cabin. Save money and opt for a budget room and enjoy the facilities and scenery on deck, you can use the savings to heighten your spending budget or simply avoid returning home to a lean bank account.

There are so many types of cruises running throughout the year. Try travelling off-peak for the best way to save money and enjoy a less crowded environment. For a Caribbean cruise, off-peak would be in December and January, you can ask at your local travel agency for a list of off-peak times for availability. You will often find that the facilities on board are also reduced in price at these times.

If you are a serial cruiser, then you can enjoy discount prices. It is possible to book your next vacation while you cruise and as a loyal customer, you can make use of the special offers and savings. Everyone is happy, the cruise agent makes a commission and you save money on your next trip.

An extremely efficient method of cruising for both company and customer is the repositioning cruise. The ship must be moved to another location for the sailing season and making use of this trip for holiday-makers is a practical and efficient use of fuel and resources. This vacation will be spent largely at sea but for the huge discount you will receive, can make it very attractive.

Always be on the look-out for any discounts you may be entitled to. Those over the age of 55 can take advantage of seniors 55 plus, if you belong to establishments such as the AARP or the AAA, discounts are also available. There are also savings to be made if you are travelling in a large group, look out for bulk booking deals for big savings.

In most cases the cruise vacation is all inclusive, so once you are on board you can relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of from the food and accommodation down to the drinks and entertainment. This fully comprehensive style vacation allows you to focus on the holiday itself without worrying how much your next meal will cost or what entertainment is available. Whether you are travelling to sunny climes or the north pole, this unique experience will have to running back for more.