Learn How To Save Money On Your Travel Expenses

March 12, 2009 by  
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We work hard all year and at some point a vacation is not only a luxury but a necessity. However, the vacation in question, although supposed to be relaxing, has it’s share of headaches. Trying to get the best deal, travel insurance, sky-rocketing fuel prices – where does it end? Your vacation should be a time for you to kick back and enjoy a well earned break.

Sometimes it pays to be in the know where vacation booking is concerned. Reading up on the policies, small print and price comparison is a must in this highly competitive industry. The following tips should see you on your way to a stress-free and enjoyable escape from the daily grind.

1. These days flying to your destination is not necessarily the most expensive. Even the shorter flights can save money with many small companies offering special deals and the flight will often include a meal. Check out flight prices before you decide to drive.

2. Incredibly, it is often cheaper to purchase a round trip as opposed to a single journey. This is true of both flights and train journeys. Check out which is cheaper, you only need to use one part of the round trip. Some airlines and their corresponding terms are opposed to this so always check out the legitimacy of this method.

3. Many people automatically use the main airport of a city as it is probably the most practical. However, it is by no means the cheapest option. Try flying from the smaller airports out of town, even with the additional travel expense to the airport you can still significantly save money. These lesser used airports are often cheaper for other facilities such as parking and provisions.

4. Another little scheme to have you forking out unnecessarily is insurance for your car rental. When you use a credit car to pay for the rental, you are in many cases automatically covered. It benefit’s the car rental agent to avoid informing you of this due to the commission they will receive if you purchase the insurance. Look out for this one.

5. If you are not too bothered about booking in advance, opt for a last minute booking. You can save a fortune on last minute offers and receive exactly the same standard of holiday as those who paid in advance. The company gets a holiday booking where they would have otherwise lost the money, so in some cases the deal will be fantastic. If you are open to suggestion and are happy to go anywhere, you should be taking advantage of this option.

6. These has been some association between the quality of your hotel room and where you booked it. If you received a massive discount purchasing the accommodation in a travel outlet, it is possible the hotel will place you in a less desirable room than if you had booked directly from the website of the hotel. Booking from the website can oftentimes get you just as good a discount than other options. This is not an exact science but it is better to err on the side of caution.

The travel industry is a meticulously aggressive business. If you do your research, however, you can turn it to your advantage and get the holiday of your dreams and save money.