You Need A break, Don’t Scrap The Vacation

March 16, 2009 by  
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In a climate of cost-cutting and soaring prices for household necessities it may seem like a natural step to miss out the family break away. Maybe the cost of sending the entire family on a vacation is too much to even consider, but is it? Everyone should be entitled to one vacation per year, it is a must.

With money in short supply, how can a vacation be possible? A new phenomenon has been established known as the “staycation” and it is pretty much as the word suggests, a vacation but staying at home. Many may balk at this proposition but have not really thought about the opportunities for fun and activities right here on the doorstep.

Most towns and cities are equipped with many facilities to accommodate those travelling from elsewhere such as leisure centres with a swimming pool and slides and indoor games, museums, arcades, bowling among others, why not utilise these activities. Your kids will find it thrilling to be doing fun activities everyday as they would normally associate this with being away from home. Find out the possibilities from your nearest tourist information bureau or online.

For meals, you can save money on restaurants by planning picnics in the park, at the zoo or even in the backyard. Children and adults alike enjoy eating away from home and a picnic hamper never fails to delight.

A great fun and inexpensive way to unite the family and take part in an adventure is to organise a camping trip. Again you will be saving on food and accommodation (maybe a minimal fee for a camping site) with pre-packed food at the campfire or stove. Kids love to camp outdoors feeding their imagination. It is possible to avoid the campsite fee if you look for a unspoilt beauty spot that allows for camping.

If you are just looking for the lowest price to get away, do plenty of research and price comparison to get the best deal possible. There are so many resources to find cheap deals online and even travel agents have reduced prices considerably to compete. There are many deals where you can get one or more of your children for free if you book early enough.

Find accommodation where you are not paying for food and other toiletries etc. Get the bare minimum and bring your own this will see huge savings.

If your destination includes being out and about most of the time, go for one large room for the family. After all it is only for coming back to at the end of a day. This can help you save for other treats during the holiday. If your accommodation includes breakfast, be sure to take full advantage and eat well. The breakfast supplied is often enough to last till dinner with a small snack in- between, this saving every day soon adds up.

If you have a large family, it may be cost-effective to go for an all-inclusive. Many such types of vacation will include food, drinks and entertainment leaving you will no or very little additional expenses. An all-inclusive vacation at off-peak times can be the optimum saving.

If you are not too keen on camping but can’t afford a vacation, a great option is a mobile-home holiday. Many sites are located near family theme parks and other attractions and sometimes right beside the beach. This type of vacation can be acquired at a very reasonable cost and is great fun for all the family. Even if you have a large family there are all sizes to accommodate.

The whole point of time away from your work is to relax, re-charge your batteries and have fun with the family. There are so many options these days for cheap vacations or a “staycation”. A little prior thought and research can unveil a truly original break that will be remembered for years to come.