How To Save Money By Reducing Your Water and Sewer Bills

February 14, 2009 by  
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Water is one of the most abundant and vital substances on the planet, however this does not mean that we should be wasteful. Water has to go through a lengthy and expensive process to finally be released for our consumption. Letting that precious water run down the drain is a green light for those water bills to creep up.

Sewer charges are more often than not primarily charged on how much water is used. If you start making an effort to cut back you can make a huge difference to the annual payment of these bills.

The average household uses the following amount of water, broken up into 5 areas:

1. Bathing and showers ~ 80 gallons
2. Laundry ~ 40 gallons
3. Washing dishes ~ 15 gallons
4. Cooking, drinking & miscellaneous – 55
5. Flushing – ~100

A total of 250 gallons of water is used in the average household per day. That’s an incredible amount of water if you can imagine the amount of households. So what can be done to save on water?

Taking a bath contributes for a large percentage of water used for washing. Try limiting to showering only, even a long shower uses a considerably lower amount. Everyone wants a power shower, but is this luxury really necessary, or simply wasteful? There is no need for the water to be running during using the soap and shampooing hair. Just remember that every saving soon adds up. This applies to brushing the teeth and shaving also.

Are your faucets leaking? Make sure that washers are replaced when required. A faucet constantly leaking sees a significant waste of water over a period of time.

When using your clothes and dish washing machines, try to fill up the load, don’t do a partial load wash. When washing dishes at the sink, try not to rinse every dish / piece of crockery individually.

Maybe you are proud of your lawn and like to keep it well-maintained and watered. However, sprinklers use a hefty amount of water and should not be used as a matter of course. The grass on the lawn is hardy and can stand an extended period without water. If you must water the lawn, wait until later in the day to avoid evaporation. A great alternative to the sprinkler would be to use a soaker hose, they are more economical and are more effective for absorbing into the roots.

Car washing is another strain on water use. Try to wash the car in steps with only using the hose to remove the soap in between scrubbing the car.

Most people are aware when water is being wasted but don’t worry as they know more will magically appear from the faucet. Make a change now, save your money for a rainy day and pave the way for a brighter, more abundant future.