Learn How To Save Energy And Save Money By Cutting Down Your Electric Bill

February 10, 2009 by  
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Utility bills are becoming increasingly expensive. Are we using more power or are the prices getting astronomical? Either way, in the current climate, we must find ways to save energy and save money. The electricity bill is one of the main culprits and a prominent expense. Cutting down is simply a matter of putting words into action and keeping a close eye on unnecessary power usage.

Keep the following points in mind on how to save money on electric bills. Before you know it you will be eco-friendly without even noticing.

When you are out of the house, do not leave the heating or air conditioning on. This is a grave waste and is helping no one. It may be a little uncomfortable on returning home but within a short time or turning on, you will be fine.

When it becomes very hot in summer try setting the thermostat to around 80 degrees and augment with fans. This combination will give you the comfort you need and can save you in excess of $600 per year. For added effectiveness, be sure that the ceiling fan is blowing downwards as opposed to upwards, this will make a considerable difference on the air quality.

Keep your air-conditioning clean. This also makes a big difference to it’s optimum performance. Make sure the filters are clean and when necessary replace them. The registers must also be kept clean around the home. If you are feeling over-heated take measures to cool down such as a cool shower, eating salads and drink plenty of cool water.

Another essential measure for saving on electricity is to insulate the home, especially the attic. Around 40% of the cool air can be lost in an un-insulated attic. It is possible to save in the region of 10% of the electric bill by doing this.

There are energy saving light bulbs on the market in the form of a compact fluorescent light bulb. These light bulbs use far less energy but give the same amount of light with less heat being emitted. They last much longer than standard incandescent light bulbs, 8-15 times longer, and can fit into any light fitting with a universal fixture. Always remember to switch lights off when they are not required.

Try to wash your clothes on a lower temperature, many washing powders accommodate a lower temperature and are roughly the same price – you will save far more in the long run. Similarly, wash your dishes on an economic setting without the dry cycle. Remember only use these machines with a full load.

A great way for saving further costs is to paint your house white or a light colour. This will reflect the heat and give you a much cooler house.

If you are not using an appliance, turn it off. A standard TV on standby uses around 24% of energy as when it is turned on fully. This is a similar figure for other appliances commonly used in the household.

Every action you take to save energy adds up to a huge contribution at the end of the year. Not only are you saving money but helping to save the planet.