Painless Ways To Save Money By Changing Your Telephone Usage

February 12, 2009 by  
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We all need a telephone, some would say they can’t live without it. In a world lead by technology, we use our phones not just as a means for communication but as an extension of our bodies.

This being said, the amount we spend on the telephone and more recently cell phones is becoming astronomical. This is not just down to simply calling our family and friends but all the other activities we have at our disposal such as the internet and messaging. The fact is, if we had never had the cell phone in our lives we would in fact be able to survive without it, heck we did once long, long ago.

Many people are looking to reduce outlays each month and one of the major bills being the phone bill, is a good place to start.

Firstly, think about the payment plan you have. Do you really need a thousand free minutes and the 500 free texts per month? If you don’t and I’m sure most don’t, you are probably paying an additional payment for nothing. When do you use your phone the most, is it in the morning, at night? Go for a plan that suits your talking hours and the amount you realistically need.

Ring tones are another “luxury” that we just don’t need, yes we could live without it (and quite happily for many). Think about the core elements of the phone facility that you need you will probably find you will save money. When you first took out the contract, it probably seemed like a good idea, but in reality the facilities may just be superfluous.

If you are getting quite a reasonable deal with your thousand minutes, maybe it would be more economical for you to get rid of the landline. If you have already paid for the talk-time, why not use it and cut out an additional expense?

If you are going for the complete cell phone option, it is advisable to get a hands free kit as you will be spending more time with strong transmission equipment at your head.

Get the absolute optimum service for your needs. These days there is so much competition that you can afford to barter your price. Many companies will take down their price or throw in an additional service if you say you can get it elsewhere. There is no shame in haggling.

Another little ploy that often goes unnoticed in the fine print and has you shelling out more than you need to are cell plans that round up to the nearest minute. Make sure your plan rounds up to the nearest second, this will add up at the end of the month. Read the full terms and conditions for any little clause that will insidiously increase your payment

If you have children with cell phones, it could be beneficial to go for the pre-paid vouchers. This way they cannot go over the allocated amount and will have to wait until they can receive the next instalment – a good lesson in discipline.

Do we really need to talk as much as we do? Many find themselves talking about something or nothing so they can make a journey go quickly or a boring errand seem more interesting. If these little chatting sessions can be trimmed down to necessity, you could save your money for a rainy day or blow the lot on a fantastic holiday. Either way you will be turning pointless spending into a nice little money saving scheme.