Money Saving Ideas for Your TV, Phone and Internet Bills

June 22, 2009 by  
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Monthly expenses are the total or excess of our budget, and one of the easiest and painless ways to save money is finding ways to lower your monthly bills you know you’ll receive. In order to save money quickly in an emergency situation, you may need to eliminate your entertainment services and read a book or two temporarily. However, you should be able to avoid that situation by simply lowering them on a monthly basis to allow you to save for a rainy day.

When determining what company to employ for providing your television and Internet service, most of us are faced with the decision of going with either cable or satellite options. These are very different services that each offer different pros and cons, so we simply can’t directly make this decision on cost alone.

Depending on whether you use your Internet for pleasure or work, download and upload speeds may be the determining factor in your decision. However, too many customers are excited by extremely fast capabilities that in reality they never use; thus, end up paying a higher bill on a monthly basis for unneeded extras.

Satellite service may offer slightly slower download speeds, but also may offer lower prices. Unless you truly need to download large files in mere seconds, it’s probably best to simply hang on to your own money.

Saving money on phone bills is also easier now with the added reliability of cell phone service across the country. If you currently have both a land line and a cell phone, you may want to consider eliminating your land line entirely.

Don’t forget to actually sit down and calculate the difference in savings with increased use of cell phones either. If you feel you need to increase your cell phone plan to prevent unnecessary overage charges, it’s better to do this immediately and lower it in the future if you find it’s too much.

Television is the most common form of entertainment in America, and most of us spend way too much time in front of our beloved ‘boob tubes’. This is an easy area to start saving money by eliminating premium packages or movie channels and getting by with the bare minimum.

Most of these packages include hundreds of channels you never even watch; ask if you may only add the one or two premium channels you do watch on a regular basis to see if this is an option. Otherwise, scrap your current plan and discover new ways to entertain yourself.

Movies are easily found at a discount at several local and online rental stores such as Netflix. For a few dollars a month, you’ll be able to watch unlimited movies whenever you choose without paying a late fee for this service.

You may also find that your Internet provider offers streaming live television or certain radio stations via your connection that will also save you money on your monthly television bills. Simply ask your friendly customer representatives what they can do to help you save money – you certainly won’t be the first to ask.