Small Business Advertising for Free

March 24, 2009 by  
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If you currently began a small business and wish to make it grow but only have a minimum amount of money for advertising, do not fret. There are still various options for you to give your business the advertising it needs – completely for free!

The World Wide Web offers many ways to create buzz in advertising campaigns all around the world. Here are various ways, in which the internet can be utilized for free advertising in your small personal business:

1. Send out press releases.
Press releases can be written and sent for service and product advertising, event promotion, or new product launches. They are a very simple way to help promote your company and can be sent to numerous online directories all at once. Some companies will post them for you free of charge, though there are some that may cost you as much as traditional advertisements.

2. Become a forum member.
Message board forums may seem like a tiny way to advertise, but it really isn’t. There are several boards that will give you the opportunity to link your website on their profile signatures. Those who then visit this forum may become curious and click on the link to see what you have to offer and then spread the word to others who may be interested in what can be found therein. If you find certain message boards that go well with your own products, you can even post something on the forum to let others know that you have whatever they need and how they can obtain it. You will, however, have to check with the forum’s terms of service first to see if they allow this or not.

3. Start your own blog.
With the right marketing skills, your blog could garner the attention you want and make people return every now and then to see what is new in your business. They could then send other individuals from their blog to yours and the links will then get passed to their friends and so forth.

4. Join a social networking site.
Social sites will give you the opportunity to join groups of people of the same interest, with whom you can then communicate with. You can then put yourself in as the “go-to” person in a certain niche and add links to your own site where you can then promote your services and products.

5. Make use of article marketing.
Write articles on other websites, which have links to your own site to get more traffic onto your domain. Use keyword phrases in your article that can help with search engine optimization to attract the customers that you wish to attract.

It is quite easy to find various free ways for small business promotions; they can even be offline ventures of your own. Every business simply needs to have their own space on the internet, since it can greatly develop a following, no matter which demographic you are targeting.