Why Small Businesses Have Better Customer Service

March 28, 2009 by  
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No matter how small or big a company is, it simply must have a department for customer service, or at least an owner who takes care of customer service daily.

Even small businesses have the capability of having great customer service at hand. Don’t laugh; this is true. Let’s take a quick look at the various differences that we can find in customer services in small businesses compared to customer services in bigger companies.

In actuality, bigger companies actually have a bigger chance of failure when it comes to customer service. When customers call bigger companies with complaints, they actually hardly ever hang up the phone with a feeling of contentment or satisfaction in their bones. In fact, they end up hanging up the phone before they even reach an actual human through the automated system that they are connected to in the beginning.

Because of this, customers tend to lose their interest in the company because their complaints are never taken care of in a smart and timely manner. Small business owners, on the other hand, have a bigger chance of dealing with personalized complaints and resolving them faster than bigger companies do.

Additionally, bigger companies come with policies for their own protections, usually set in fine print, which the customers tend to ignore as they purchase their products.

Smaller business owners, on the other hand, get to stand by their products and services or are simply dedicated to the growth of their business that they get to deliver much more satisfaction than what their customers may have expected. This could easily lead to brand loyalty.

Every single customer must be treated in the exact same way, though, and customer care must be given the way you would wish to receive it yourself. Customers are normally lost when they are not satisfied with something, but don’t let this get you down and don’t ever become rude to a customer. Being polite is the key to success because the customers’ needs really need to be met. Who knows? They might even refer you to other potential customers if you are extra polite and respectful, no matter what.

The ultimate role of customer service is to provide customers with support whenever they encounter problems or have queries. If you treat them as person instead of a case number, then they will be more willing to return for business with you in the future.

Because of all of this, small business owners tend to have a greater advantage. Small business owners get to focus on more of their customers and therefore have the edge in getting them to return. Bigger companies keep getting more customers by the day, so they tend to lose concern with the older ones. Take full advantage of being a small business and do extremely well in customer service, in order to grow to your maximum potential in no time.