Is Your Cash Advance the Best offer You Can Get?

March 20, 2009 by  
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Apply Today, Cash Tomorrow!

Once upon a time borrowing money meant organizing an appointment with your bank manager and pleading your case for an loan of any size. The bank manager knew exactly how much you were capable of borrowing and repaying and would assign your loan accordingly.

Nowadays, however, loans are far easier to obtain one method being the cash advance online. In a matter of a few clicks you can have extra cash at your disposal. Many will lend regardless of your current earnings and capabilities of repaying. Some lenders will even offer a same day payday loan, that is pretty incredible considering the dire financial situations many are facing. No more trips to the bank or even having to talk to human being for that matter.

That being said there is usually a hefty price to pay for your instant wealth. Many companies offering payday loans will hike up the interest rates for an the instant loan and the longer you take to repay the more you will pay back. We are not talking a few pence but around 20% of the amount you borrowed. that’s $40 for every $200 but there will always be takers.

However, with the recent increase in competition, many companies have been forced to reduce the interest rates offering a more attractive online payday loan. One company in particular offering very competitive rates is www.think With charges of only $1 on $100 borrowed per day, there are not many companies who can boast these payday loan rates.

When you have decided on a company with which to get your cash advance online, it is worth finding out the options for repaying the loan. Some will insist that the full amount is repaid in one sitting including the interest so you will be forking out for a larger sum. This will have to be comfortably covered by your next pay or you will be forced to take out another loan to pay you existing loan, not a happy situation.

The easiest and most cost effective method for repaying your payday loan is the option for easy instalments at achievable intervals. The longer the repayment time, the more you will pay back, however if this prevents you from further debt, then it is the best of the two evils.

To make absolutely sure that you will be eligible for your cash advance online, set up a direct deposit with your work and bank as most payday lenders will have this as a prerequisite for your loan authorization. When paying back the loan be sure to keep aside the monthly instalments and reduce spending if necessary.