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When you find yourself in a financial crisis with no cash available to pay essential bills, it can be extremely tempting to go for the easy way out and obtain a payday cash advance online. With so many cash lenders just begging for your custom it may be difficult to say no, however there are certain features which can help evaluate the good from the bad.

It is all but impossible to be turned down from an instant payday loan online from many of these companies. The qualifications required for the loan are minimal and the cash advance can be with you in a matter of hours. Lenders are making the process faster and more hassle free to allow more customers to take advantage. However, there is a rather large factor that makes it all worthwhile for the lender and that is the soaring interest rates.

The contract will require you to agree to your payment plan including exactly when you will be able to repay. There is usually a maximum time to repay of 2 weeks. Even though you may be paying your payday loan back within a week, you will still incur a sizeable interest chunk of anything up to 50%. This figure will rise further if you take longer to pay. These repayments are incredibly high and taking on a payday loan should always be a last resort.

Some individuals have been known to keep borrowing in between pay checks as they find themselves unable to get out of the vicious circle. Eventually they may end up paying double and triple what they originally borrowed.

However, due to the insurgence of online payday cash advance companies, and the reduced interest in obtaining such a high interest pay day loan, many lenders have been forced to cut the interest rates to a more affordable rate.

As previously stated, online cash advances should always be a last resort and not undertaken lightly. If you opt for the payday loan, make sure you will have the funds available to pay back with interest without forcing you to take out another loan.

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