Dating in the Day-time-A Better Way To Cut Costs on Dating?

February 8, 2009 by  
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These days, dates seem to be about dinner in a restaurant then a night on the town. What happened to day-time dating? Dates can be an anxious time and if there are money concerns it can be even more stressful. An ideal method for an effective way of getting to know each other is day-time dating which can help to ease the stress and is one of the best ways to save money.

Dating during the day, can mean a multitude of inexpensive, interesting and fun activities that you would not normally do with more distractions to help take the pressure off. Going for lunch in a lovely boutique style café is a lot cheaper than a full-blown dinner with a bottle of wine but every bit as charming. Alcoholic drinks can be one of the main factors in pricey dates, but with a lunch date this is less likely to happen.

If going for drinks is on the cards, there are plenty of bars offering two-for-one drinks and a “happy Happy” hour for an after-work date. Early evening can prove to be an economical time for drinks and food. Plan ahead of the date to find out the best offers, some bars offer free snacks too, a bit of research can really ease the pocket.

Some of the simplest dates are the most enjoyable, such as a romantic stroll in the park with a tasty treat such as an ice-cream or hotdog. Walking and talking is free but is a pretty powerful way of easing the pain of any shyness or discomfort leading to a easy flowing conversation. Dating is a time to have fun but the more relaxed, the better.

If you really want to impress and save money, plan a day-out to a beautiful location with a tasty picnic, complete with wine and dessert. Your date will be delighted at your thoughtfulness and the outing will be far more memorable than dinner in a restaurant.

Depending on your date’s interests, you can plan a more out-doors activity such as hiking or a bike-ride or fun activities such as crazy-golf. The invigorating feeling of an accomplishment with stimulating exercise can help cement your friendship with little or no additional cost.

If you are both feeling like a more sedate outing, try an afternoon matinee. These showings are usually less expensive and crowded. A date to the movies, however, can be a little uncomfortable if it is the first date. You can’t get to know each other during the film and it can be a little strange. This type of date is more suitable sometime down the line.

To cut costs further when dating during the day, try going places within walking or public transport distance, an unexpected taxi fare can really set you back. Dating does not have to be a strain on the wallet. Day-time dating opens up a whole new world of available activities, most of which are either free or cheap at the price.