Learn How To Save Money On Gas With A Few Simple Changes

March 6, 2009 by  
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With the growing cost of gas and the lack of increase on income to support it, there comes a time when we need to make some changes in our lifestyle to save money and save energy with a simple reduction in fuel consumption.

It is surprisingly easy to make a few cut backs on fuel which together significantly reduces the overall usage. Oil has become dangerously depleted and we are now increasingly depending on other nations to provide us with oil.

Driving at speed is one of the main culprits for excessive gas consumption. Many find themselves driving fast thinking that they will get there in quick time. The truth is, unless the roads are completely clear, driving faster than the speed limit will rarely get you to your destination more than a few minutes earlier, taking traffic lights, traffic jams and other factors into consideration. More than likely quick acceleration promptly precedes rough braking, so not only does fuel consumption increase but also wear to the vehicle.

Sometimes it can be difficult to try to keep to the speed limit, when we are late for example, it takes extreme disciple to avoid speeding but remembering that it really doesn’t save much time can help. Furthermore, once you exceed 60 mph, the gas consumption is exponentially higher at 30 cents per gallon for every 5 mph over. Driving at a reasonable pace with no harsh accelerating and braking can reduce consumption of up to 33%. That is definitely worth bearing in mind.

Many people do not realise that driving in a lower gear can also increase consumption. Always use the a higher gear where appropriate for your speed for a reduction in the engine turnover (this means using less gas) and try using cruise control for smoother control. Using the controls of your car with care can greatly reduce not only your gas bill but repair for wear and tear.

Whenever possible turn off your engine when you are not driving. Idling accounts for much of the fuel consumption and lets face it, it gets you nowhere. Larger cars consume even more fuel when idle, so even if you are to be stopped for a minute or two, it is still worth turning the engine off.

Other controls in the car such as air conditioning or heating has an impact on the overall cost. Using such facilities can significantly reduce the miles per gallon. Try pulling down the window, ok maybe it will still be hot but using this method for shorter journeys will really help you save your money for a rainy day.

How many times do you get in your car when walking would have sufficed? No one, I’m sure, is free from guilt here but again, it really does make a difference in the long run to save trips in the car for when it is really necessary. If you absolutely need to go out in the car, try to avoid the rush hour if possible, stopping and starting at the lights doesn’t make for money saving.

If a few of you are going to work in the same direction, try car-sharing. This phenomena has really taken off and many are saving huge amounts on money and fuel as well as car repairs.

These little changes on how to save money on gas are easy to incorporate into your life and the benefits are huge. You can save money to pay debts and other household expenses or simply have extra cash to spend on luxuries.