Are The Best Things In Life Free In The World Of Dating?

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Everyone likes to get spoiled. Weekend breaks to Paris, gourmet dinners and champagne
to mention a few. If you can afford it, that’s great, but don’t forget that sometimes it is the simple things that can be the most touching.

If your date knows you can afford expensive dates but you mindlessly have the same date, date after date, there is going to be a problem, you don’t want to get stagnant.

Money is not the be all, sometimes you really can get more out of a free or inexpensive date, after all it’s about the two of you, not a race to spend the most money. If you give the dates a bit of thought and creativity your partner will likely be impressed.

A little picnic in the park on a sunny day. A trip to the zoo can be a great way to learn new things with each other, this can be very under-estimated. Find out what candies your partner likes and surprise her the next time you see her, when you organise a stroll in a Botanic Garden.

First dates that involve walking and talking are good for a relaxed conversation and you don’t have to sit face to face with the emphasis on whether the conversation is flowing. A walk along the beach with an inspirational and romantic setting makes it immaterial if there is a silence, you can just enjoy the view.

Have a joke night. Each person has to gather some jokes together and the first person to make the other laugh wins (you can decide on a prize). This doesn’t have to stop at the first laugh, enjoy a bottle of wine together and let the comedy flow. Again there is very little cash being spent here, but who’s counting, at this stage you are just enjoying each other’s company.

Huddle up to a warm fire on a cold night and find out your hopes and dreams. What talents and skills do you have. If you are gong to spend the foreseeable future with this person, you need to find out what makes them tick. Give each other a neck and back massage, it doesn’t matter if you are any good at it, it’s the taking part that counts.

Show how much you care and write poems to your potential loved one. Ok, your poems suck, it doesn’t matter, she will be delighted that you made such an effort and created something original just for her.

Yes, fancy and expensive holidays, restaurants and exclusive clubs can be great, but cannot decide if you can really enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes it really is the little things that are the most memorable and magical. Take away the frills and make your own fun, you might just find something special..

Staying In Is The New Going Out

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Everyone love a good night out, the thrill of getting dressed up, excitement of seeing a new partner and dancing the night away. However the alternative of staying in can be just as much fun and many are turning to this as a “night out|”.

Before you know it the night out becomes a set structure. You go to the same bars the same clubs and talk to the same people, sometimes about the same topics. As much as this is great every so often, after a while it can become monotonous and a huge strain on the bank balance – not to mention the liver!

Staying in can bring a whole new world of excitement and with a new partner can be an ideal setting to get a little closer. With the current financial climate, many people are opting to throw house parties or have a get together with drinks, nibbles and games.

A great idea for a date is to invite them to yours and cook for them. Going to a restaurant is great but it doesn’t match good old elbow grease and effort put into your date. Make the night a romantic one with candles, relaxing music (find out what your date likes) and delicious wine or champagne.

An alternative to this would be to cook dinner together. This is a fantastic way to do something fun and productive together. You may find that you have a lot in common or your little idiosyncrasies that are cute and loveable. Once the meal is over, you can talk the night away, this just can’t be done in a busy bar or noisy club. You will be able to save a heap of money but get a quality and unforgettable date.

Turn your lounge into a home cinema for a movie night. Get some popcorn and make it yourselves with candies and pop or beer. A great idea is to get a few movies of different genres such as romance, thriller and comedy. Laughing together is a great aphrodisiac followed by a scary movie which obviously requires cuddling up.

A night of games such as board games can be a fun night in, even more exciting if you are both competitive. The humble board game is responsible for many a great night in with just the two of you or bring some other friends along to meet him/her. Organise yourselves into two teams for added camaraderie.

If you want the epitome of romance, create a night under the stars preferably on a warm evening. Bring a nigh-time picnic with a nice bottle of wine and watch the stars. Not only is this an inspirational setting but it allows relaxation and conversation to flow.

There are endless ideas for inexpensive but truly original and fun dates staying in. This is really a time when you can get to know each other and find out what makes you tick and save money into the bargain. A night out here and there can be great to change the scene so you are getting the best of both worlds.

Can We Go Dutch on A Date?

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Entertainment, being one of the most lucrative type of business is not cheap. These days we need to take out an overdraft just to go to the movies. When dating, the last thing you want to be perceived as is a cheapskate and why, in this climate of equal opportunities should the guy foot the bill. These days many couples are going “Dutch” and are perfectly happy to do so.

The phenomena which is going Dutch or Dutch dating, simply means that both parties pay for the check at the end of a date. It can also mean that each person takes a turn to pay for a date, this is quite common amongst Scandinavians.

The act of going Dutch is becoming more and more ubiquitous, especially within younger generations, however, not all cultures, generations or areas have fully accepted it yet.

Back in the 60’s, the feminism movement paved the way for equal opportunities among men and women which also translated into the dating scene. With the man paying the check, it was felt that the female was somehow indebted and would perhaps be paying in kind later in the date. Although it has taken many years for the “Dutch” method to fully take hold, it has been practiced for decades.

These days, a general rule of thumb for who will go on to pay for the date lies with the person doing the asking. Usually, more often than not this is the man but certainly less than decades gone by, and why not?

When this is the case, it is a good idea to go for something on the quality side in terms of paying out to make a good impression, however this does not mean that every future date needs to be a pricey one. The female counterpart should keep ordering down to a reasonable level, taking advantage of the guy’s generous nature is not on.

It may be the case that the woman wants to pay her share and feels more comfortable doing this. However, if the man is insistent, then there should be no worries for any feeling of obligations down the line but perhaps the lady can be firm in paying for the next, if the date goes well. This can be a nice seamless follow on to a future date.

If money is a little tight and you are trying to save money but are still adamant that you want to foot the bill, don’t feel foolish about using a free coupon or two for one offer. Simply place it under your credit card on the tray provided for the check, just don’t make a big deal about it and you’re date won’t even notice.

Many people these days are conscious of their finances and would be happy to go for a special offers or discount meals. Many quality restaurants are aware of this and offer prices accordingly. You’re date might feel a little uncomfortable if you go overboard on the first date with lavish gourmet dinners at hugely inflated prices anyway. Finding a nice balance between you is part of learning about each other and if your date is not keen on helping out in the finances department, maybe it is better to find this out now rather than later.

Is It Possible To Save Money On A Date And Still Impress?

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Dating can be a nerve-racking experience at the best of times so adding money issues into the mix can be just plain frustrating. If money was not an issue, of course you would love to treat him/her to fancy luxuries and languish in top restaurants, unfortunately this is not always feasible. And frankly, it doesn’t have to be.

Some of the best dates are purely down to the company and showing some initiative. If your partner is someone worth caring for, they won’t frown on the fact that you have not spent a fortune on them. That being said it is nice to know that a bit of time and effort has been put into planning a date.

One of the most exciting factors about going out with someone new, is getting to know them and doing things you do not normally do. The best ways to save money on a date include planning with a little creativity and the element of surprise.

The first few dates might entail some inexpensive easy going outings such as a walk in the park, followed by a bite to eat, so you can learn a bit about each other. This is pretty standard, but if you include a little surprise in the date, it will keep him/her guessing, again this does not have to be centred around shelling out.

Then, you might want to go for something a bit more flashy like a meal in her favorite restaurant (find this out, but subtly if course). Every single date does not have to mean an empty pocket, and in most cases you partner will feel the same. Some people are embarrassed for money to be constantly spent on them and may even be trying to save money their-self.

Intersperse you romantic dates with fun, cheap and cheerful dates that are just about getting to know each other such as bike ride or a walk along the beach. The romantic dates are nice but the pressure is off with the out-doorsy dates where the emphasis is not all on the two of you, or your wallet.

An excellent way to really bond and cement the relationship (if it is going well) is to have a day out at a sporting event. If you know someone who is playing in a particular sporting game, you can have an additional reason to go and cheer them on. Extra nibbles on the side won’t break the bank either.

Should one of your friend’s be throwing a party, bring your partner along and introduce her to your friends. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet in a relaxed setting. You could even throw a small party or get-together yourself and ask your partner to bring a few friends so they will not feel intimidated.

A night out can be an expensive affair, so if you both decide that a night out is called for do a little research first. Some bars can be very expensive, so find out if any do a special offer or a “happy-hour”. You can call your favorite bars to find out if they are offering any good deals on a particular night. This may seem a little pre-empted but you will be glad at the end of the night that you did your homework.

Dating, does not have to be all about how much is spent. You can organise a fantastic day out without having to go into debt. Find out what your partner enjoys and try to find a suitable activity involving their interests. You will look like the perfect date and still have managed to save money.

Dating in the Day-time-A Better Way To Cut Costs on Dating?

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These days, dates seem to be about dinner in a restaurant then a night on the town. What happened to day-time dating? Dates can be an anxious time and if there are money concerns it can be even more stressful. An ideal method for an effective way of getting to know each other is day-time dating which can help to ease the stress and is one of the best ways to save money.

Dating during the day, can mean a multitude of inexpensive, interesting and fun activities that you would not normally do with more distractions to help take the pressure off. Going for lunch in a lovely boutique style café is a lot cheaper than a full-blown dinner with a bottle of wine but every bit as charming. Alcoholic drinks can be one of the main factors in pricey dates, but with a lunch date this is less likely to happen.

If going for drinks is on the cards, there are plenty of bars offering two-for-one drinks and a “happy Happy” hour for an after-work date. Early evening can prove to be an economical time for drinks and food. Plan ahead of the date to find out the best offers, some bars offer free snacks too, a bit of research can really ease the pocket.

Some of the simplest dates are the most enjoyable, such as a romantic stroll in the park with a tasty treat such as an ice-cream or hotdog. Walking and talking is free but is a pretty powerful way of easing the pain of any shyness or discomfort leading to a easy flowing conversation. Dating is a time to have fun but the more relaxed, the better.

If you really want to impress and save money, plan a day-out to a beautiful location with a tasty picnic, complete with wine and dessert. Your date will be delighted at your thoughtfulness and the outing will be far more memorable than dinner in a restaurant.

Depending on your date’s interests, you can plan a more out-doors activity such as hiking or a bike-ride or fun activities such as crazy-golf. The invigorating feeling of an accomplishment with stimulating exercise can help cement your friendship with little or no additional cost.

If you are both feeling like a more sedate outing, try an afternoon matinee. These showings are usually less expensive and crowded. A date to the movies, however, can be a little uncomfortable if it is the first date. You can’t get to know each other during the film and it can be a little strange. This type of date is more suitable sometime down the line.

To cut costs further when dating during the day, try going places within walking or public transport distance, an unexpected taxi fare can really set you back. Dating does not have to be a strain on the wallet. Day-time dating opens up a whole new world of available activities, most of which are either free or cheap at the price.